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We are Ready for COVID-19 Response.

Protecting the nation through Technology.

The world needs more PPE.

If you would like to help protect our front-line workers during the pandemic, we are ready for collaboration.

Protective Goggles

Standard. Reliable. Clear and Comfortable. Made in Nepal.

Protective Face Shields

Comfortable. Reusable. Clear and Stylish. Made in Nepal.


In times of global pandemic like Sars-Cov2, shortages of PPE and essential medical items are apparent. The scarcity has already been faced by many countries, even the most developed ones. Nepal is no different.

The critical shortage of most needed items in the global market itself has directly or indirectly forced innovators and local companies to make their own supplies for their livelihood as well as for crisis response.

Protechnepal is an initiative to address such shortages for using local skills, resources, and technology. The initiative was carried by a consortium of local design & manufacturing companies and humanitarian health workers.

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Latest News

Health Post Nepal

10 September, 2020

‘फेससिल्ड’ भित्र लुकेको डाक्टर फेस

विश्वमा अंग्रेजी नयाँ वर्षको ह्याङओभर नसकिँदै कोभिड–१९ को पारो चढ्न थालिसकेको थियो। चीन, अमेरिका, युरोपेलीलगायत देशमा कोरोना भाइरस प्रभावबारे समाचार बेग्रल्ती आइसकेका थिए।

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